Our immersive and field-tested methodology predicts the best outcomes for candidates and clients, ensuring high performance and lasting placements.

For Clients

Our goal is to move your business forward. By taking a consultative approach and providing strategic and individualized service, we help define specific goals and organizational needs in order to develop a roadmap for identifying the strongest prospective employees for the job. Whether you need to fill a challenging leadership role or to expand your sales organization, our comprehensive process gives us the ability to align your goals, culture and values with carefully vetted candidates who are a best fit for the position.
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For Candidates

We engage in an immersive and holistic evaluation process, consisting of a series of face-to-face interviews. We delve into your skills, aspirations, interests, and personality traits in order to successfully introduce you to the right opportunity from our vast network. The time you spend with us could be transformative. You may think of your skills, strengths, and your next career move in a whole new way. And, we give you the respect and responsiveness you deserve.
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  • "DANA Associates has helped to professionalize our sales organization over the past few years in many ways. Their candidates are always exceptional professionals; they clearly take extra time to source the best sales professionals in the market and are particular in terms of who they will present to a company. The extra time they take also means they can give you a very specific profile of the candidate they are presenting, allowing you to know more about the prospective candidate than any other headhunting firm I have ever worked with. They work hard to understand your staffing needs, often in ways you hadn't thought of yourself, by asking very useful and important questions to best understand the position, the organization, the people, and culture to maximize the success rate of a candidate that will fit long term."

    - Julia Guilbeault