Denise GrantLeader in Sales Recruiting

A very motivating and effective executive, an intuitive and caring person, and a great coach … these are just a few of the phrases that clients and candidates use in describing Denise Grant, president of DANA Associates. She has an exceptional ability to understand each person and client organization. Denise knows sales inside and out. This has earned her a stellar reputation as the recruiter to “go to” when you are looking to hire a sales professional who will deliver the sales results you need.

Vast Experience in the Field Produces “Best Fit”

Denise has developed a practical, unique and holistic recruiting approach based on in-person interviews with more than 20,000 candidates. Through her in-depth approach, she is able to uncover the answers that are not explained on paper. An initial phone interview is followed by two in-person interviews. Meeting with her candidate at least twice gives Denise an excellent sense of the individual’s skills, personality and ideals, and the organization and opening for which he or she would be a “best fit”. In addition, she probes to find out what the person is looking for in a work-life balance. The DANA Associates difference is a holistic model of work-life integration.

Strategic Understanding of Organizational Needs and Culture

Clients have described Denise as a social anthropologist with strong intuition and observation skills. She understands the critical importance of getting to know a client organization. In fact, to gain further understanding of the company, she will often interview members of the sales and executive teams in addition to the hiring manager. She is interested in the management style, internal culture, and overall vision of the company. Denise listens to what the client is saying and can pinpoint the required characteristics of each role.

Bottom Line Results: Saves Time, Cost and Effort

Denise’s thoroughness allows her to convincingly invite the attention and interest of ideal candidates and to present only those she knows will succeed in a particular work environment. On average, of every three DANA Associates candidates sent to interview with a client company, one is successfully placed in a sales position. This focus on select candidates saves time for the client. The DANA Associates difference is that quality far outweighs quantity.

Denise joined DANA Associates in 1984. She is a graduate of Syracuse University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Literature. Her interests include collecting contemporary art, photography, traveling, music, and tennis.

  • "More than simply a recruiter, Denise is a business consultant adding immense value to every aspect of our sales recruiting process. She has delivered on every promise.

    With her expertise in sales and an astute perspective, Denise helped guide and re-adjust my thinking, which resulted in an exceptional hire who had several key successes in just the first 30 days. This is unheard of in our business, where closing deals typically takes 5-6 months.

    The key difference versus other recruiters is Denise combined an expertise in sales recruiting with a keen ability to drill down and offer previously untapped insight about what we needed. She worked diligently to understand our culture and helped define the kind of candidate who would work most effectively with our team. As an extremely busy executive with a heavy travel schedule, I found Denise to be incredibly communicative, knowledgeable, and highly responsive, working on a turnaround time that was surprisingly fast. We were able to interview several high caliber candidates, evaluate a range of talent who were thoroughly screened and prepared, and who fit our needs. I did not waste one moment of time. Her recruiting strategy was spot on, enabling me to make a significant sales hire that I could not have accomplished on my own. I highly recommend working with Denise and all of the professionals at DANA Associates!"

    - Steve Gunderson
    Vice President of Sales
    Technology Services and Consulting