How We Work



What is the DANA placement process?

Our process, developed over decades of refinement, involves many steps and is tailored to help you make a career move versus just find your next job.  One of our expert recruiters will review your resume, accomplishments, goals, interests, and what you feel may be missing in your career.  We will then bring you in for at least two in-person interviews.  One is formal and focused on your professional history and accomplishments.  The other is more casual and personal in nature.  What drives you?  What are your priorities personally and professionally?  What kind of management style or corporate culture best fits your personality?  Using a variety of proven methodologies we will help identify the best environments in which you can succeed, and then develop a Plan of Placement Strategy specifically designed to find you the best role in the most desirable situation.  Maybe that is with a start-up or a proven industry leader or perhaps it involves a change in industry or responsibilities.  Whatever the course of action we take, it will be based on your goals and our expertise and guidance.  Many of our candidates are searching confidentially – especially our more senior sales professionals and managers who cannot afford to have their employers or competitors know they are conducting a job search.  Our searches are always confidential until we ask your permission to share your information with a specific client.

What does the service cost?

Your cost is only time and commitment.  Our services are 100% paid by our client companies.

What companies and industries do we represent?

Since we value the confidentiality of both our clients and candidates, we don’t publish our client or candidate lists.  We serve a wide variety of organizations from start-up companies to global corporations.  We recruit for many industries including SaaS, Software, Technology, IT Infrastructure, Research, Social Media, Publishing, Business Services, Education, Mobile, Medical Equipment & Devices.

Why use a recruiter?

Recruiters with longevity like DANA Associates work with clients who know the best candidates are not answering job postings.  Most of our searches are exclusive to DANA Associates and rarely published or posted online.  Recruiters with long-term relationships know more about their client companies than most and can provide you honest feedback from others who have worked at a particular organization or have interviewed there in the past.  In many cases we make placements based on our knowledge of both our candidates and clients, creating opportunities where formal jobs do not exist.  By working with DANA Associates you will get customized service, access to unpublished jobs, confidential searches, and insight gained over years of working with top sales professionals and leading organizations.  Furthermore, we are experts at salary negotiations and will act as an intermediary in that process.  Think of us as your professional agent. Athletes, actors and authors do not negotiate their own deals, why should you?

Why do clients choose DANA over the competition?

There are many reasons, but the most common is simple – success.  Our personalized approach focuses on underlying needs and corporate culture which allows us to determine what type of person best fits into a certain organization.  We pay careful attention to the personalities and motivating factors important to you and our clients, rather than relying simply on the experiences and skill sets required.  Our process is highly calculated to target situations that will put you in the most favorable environment in which to succeed, creating lasting placements and highly satisfied clients.  This is why candidates come back to us, in many cases several times over their careers and why we have been the leader in recruiting and placing sales professionals for over 35 years.