How do you handle a confidential search?

Our clients have a number of reasons to keep a search confidential.  These include imminent termination, planned turnover, and not wanting to project an impression of excessive turnover by repeating job postings.  We maintain your confidentiality using abstract descriptions and conceptual overviews to gauge a candidate’s interest without identifying your firm or giving them enough information to have them uncover your company name.  Basically, how this works is we recruit for your confidential needs and only disclose the identity of your firm once we have “mutual interest” between you and the candidate, and receive your permission to share the confidential details.

Our candidates are accustomed to this, as many are also searching confidentially – especially our more senior sales professionals and managers who cannot afford to have their employers or competitors know they are conducting a job search.  This works the same way – we do not disclose the identity of the candidate, nor their current employer until we have established mutual interest and received permission from our candidate to disclose their information.

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