What is the DANA placement process?

Our process, developed over decades of refinement, involves many steps and is tailored to help you make a career move versus just find your next job.  One of our expert recruiters will review your resume, accomplishments, goals, interests, and what you feel may be missing in your career.  We will then bring you in for at least two in-person interviews.  One is formal and focused on your professional history and accomplishments.  The other is more casual and personal in nature.  What drives you?  What are your priorities personally and professionally?  What kind of management style or corporate culture best fits your personality?  Using a variety of proven methodologies we will help identify the best environments in which you can succeed, and then develop a Plan of Placement Strategy specifically designed to find you the best role in the most desirable situation.  Maybe that is with a start-up or a proven industry leader or perhaps it involves a change in industry or responsibilities.  Whatever the course of action we take, it will be based on your goals and our expertise and guidance.  Many of our candidates are searching confidentially – especially our more senior sales professionals and managers who cannot afford to have their employers or competitors know they are conducting a job search.  Our searches are always confidential until we ask your permission to share your information with a specific client.

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