How quickly can you find me a top performer?

Many of our clients need immediate help – like yesterday!  While we understand this and can help, DANA Associates’ prides itself foremost on quality.  We will never rush the process in a way that sacrifices our commitment to getting you results that last.  Fortunately, our database of top sales talent has been built over decades of work and literally tens of thousands of interviews.  We are constantly recruiting proactively in anticipation of our clients’ needs.  This means we have immediate access to a wide range of top sales performers from a number of industries who will fit into a variety of different corporate cultures.  Our process is designed to focus your search and allow you to capture that lost revenue or put an effective sales leader in place to build and manage your team.  The length of any one search depends on many factors including industry experience, level of accomplishment, leadership profile, unique skill sets, and much more.  In every case, we present only the highest quality candidates and ultimately reduce the time it takes to find your next hire.

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