What do you do differently than other recruiting firms?

Sometimes being different is not enough – you have to achieve superior results.  We do two things better than anyone else:

  1. Assess candidates well beyond skills, accomplishments and compensation history.
  2. Explore our clients’ needs well beyond job description, requirements and performance objectives.

Our clients tell us that they are amazed by our ability to identify candidates that both perform exceptionally and fit their corporate cultures.  How do we do this? We put people before placements.

Our President, Denise Grant realized early in her career that it is critical to understand and support both the corporate culture of clients and the specific personal and professional needs of candidates.  Denise regularly visits client companies and spends time with senior management to determine the types of people whose personalities and professional experiences will succeed in those environments.  Her systematic and yet highly personalized approach to candidate assessment allows her to understand which environments and opportunities best suit a particular individual.  Her process is unique, well documented, and includes multiple in-person interviews using in-depth behavior based interviewing techniques.  This approach has enabled us to build many successful teams and retain clients over many years.

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