People Before Placement

Our clients tell us they are amazed by our ability to identify candidates that perform exceptionally well and fit their organization and culture. They wish they started here. How do we do this? We focus on people before placement.

We recognize that companies don’t just hire a resume. They need a talented, well-qualified person who generates revenue, aligns with their culture, and delivers results. We believe that putting people first is the best way to establish and nurture relationships and earn trust. This people-focused approach sets us apart from other sales recruiters and headhunters in the Boston-Cambridge area.

We believe only genuine insight about people can come from deeply engaging with them. Our approach is comprehensive by design because we’ve proven time and again it leads to expediting a critical hire and ensures a lasting placement. We can more richly articulate your hiring goals, effectively evaluate candidates, and only present to you highly curated candidates.

Our people before placement strategy proves invaluable for retaining sales talent. A core component of our recruiting methodology is conducting in-person, in-depth interviews with every candidate. Through this process, we obtain valuable insights into whether the individual will be an appropriate cultural fit. By listening and having authentic conversations, we develop targeted strategies to retain employees that lead to better long-term outcomes for both the organization and the candidate.

Reap the Rewards of Our Precision Recruiting

Our strategy of focusing on people is The DANA Difference. At DANA, we consult with our clients to gain an accurate understanding of what they need from a sales professional from a performance and cultural compatibility perspective, and champion the art and science of conversation and bring rigor and intelligence to evaluation and assessment. Our proven methodology drives results that will change the trajectory of your organization.

Our effective strategies ensure significant payoffs for our clients. You will better retain employees and experience a lower turnover rate, leading to less time, money, and resources spent on continuously hiring for the same open sales position. These costs can be up to 2.5 times higher than an employee’s salary. You will build out a sales team that meets its productivity and revenue objectives, performs superior quality work, and maintains high morale. Your salespeople will stay longer, be happier, and serve as long-term contributors to your ongoing success.

Achieve Success with Our In-Depth Screening Process

Our focus on conducting multiple face-to-face interviews enables us to dig beneath the surface and determine what drives and motivates the candidate. We obtain a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s skills and how they align with a particular sales role. We also get to know the candidates as people, including their attitudes, beliefs, values, and goals.

Our screening methodology and the other aspects of our evaluation process yield positive results. Our intensive screening process is time-tested, realizing an average send-out to placement ratio of 3:1. You can expect to receive well-vetted, highly curated candidates that will have a positive impact on your organization. We save you time, energy, and provide traction for you to move your business forward.

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