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Account Executives are the lifeblood of any high performing sales organization. Requiring tenacity, competitiveness, and extensive product knowledge, the Account Executive works with prospective clients and often controls much of the sales process, from inception to close. 

Typically reporting to the VP of Sales, Player-Coach, or Sales Director/Manager, depending on the size and stage of the company, the responsibilities for an Account Executive may include: 

  • owning, managing, and driving the full sales cycle
  • prospecting
  • direct selling and closing net-new revenue 
  • conducting demos and making sales presentations
  • working with internal teams to provide feedback on solution or product from prospects and customers
  • achieving and exceeding individual quota

Many companies configure their sales teams by differentiating inside Account Executives (selling and closing over the phone and virtually) and outside Account Executives (primarily selling in person), although in today’s virtual age the line between the two has become increasingly blurred. Further breitling chronomat 44 chronomatw002 43mm mens silver tone segmented, Account Executives can be assigned to prospective clients by company size, such as SMB’s (small and medium-sized businesses), mid-market, and enterprise, or by industry sector such as high tech, finance, e-commerce, or martech. 

Evaluating Account Executives

The best candidates for Senior Account Executive roles have a history of demonstrated success in driving net-new revenue and overachieving individual quotas. Candidates for Junior Account Executive roles, on the other hand, may not have had responsibility for closing business, yet their proven history in generating leads can be a strong indicator for their performance in a more senior AE role. Achieving and exceeding quotas is only part of the equation though. The sales recruiters on the DANA team diligently uncovers and evaluates for crucial soft skills and personality traits during rigorous candidate interviews.

  • Competitiveness – High performing salespeople have grit and resilience and are driven to succeed. How hungry are they? Do they have the desire to win? How have they gone above and beyond to accomplish their individual quota? How resourceful are they?
  • Consultative – Do they approach selling by prioritizing building rapport and relationships? How do they establish an open and trusting dialogue with prospects and customers? Can they identify needs and pain points to recommend the best solution? Are they customer-focused? 
  • Communication – Do they speak clearly and confidently? Can they easily adapt and tailor both the message and their style to speak to a variety of gatekeepers and decision-makers? Do they understand how their body language can affect a conversation? Do they know how and when to actively listen? 
  • Developing Strong Relationships – Is the candidate respected and relied upon by customers, colleagues, and managers? Are they a team player? How do they build rapport? Do they develop lasting relationships? Are they viewed as a trusted resource and advisor? 
  • Adaptability – How do they create or handle change? Do they learn quickly and put what they have learned into practice? Can they identify trends and make future decisions accordingly? Does failure stop them in their tracks, or do they consider it just another part of learning and growing? How do they manage both positive and negative change? 

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Performance, perseverance, and personality. Identifying the best Account Executives to achieve your goals is a multi-step process we take very seriously. The DANA team diligently uncovers and evaluates for crucial skills and traits over several in-depth interviews. We have honed our approach over decades and are proud of our track record helping companies find the right fit. Let us find your next great AE. To learn more about our sales recruiting services and placements, please read our case studies or schedule a call.

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