A Personalized Approach to Technology Sales Recruiting

Strategic, consultative, and inspiring hunters and managers are opening new markets for SaaS, on-premise software, hardware, mobile apps, industrial IoT, and robotics companies. DANA’s precision recruitment methodology and extensive sales network accelerate hiring, successfully filling critical high-level sales positions with the best candidates.

To ensure that you get highly qualified revenue generators with the right tech experience, we invest in getting to know you and your company before reaching out to potential candidates. Once we have a clear understanding of your company’s business and hiring goals, we actively recruit for the ideal sales professionals and rigorously assess each candidate. By conducting multiple face-to-face interviews and delving into qualifications beyond a standard resume, we uncover each salesperson’s unique traits and true strengths. Our reference checks are thorough and comprehensive, extracting the most value from our conversations to present you with a short list of candidates you can hire with confidence.

We Solve Your Recruiting Challenges

As your Boston-Cambridge area tech sales headhunter, we will solve significant recruiting challenges, including:

  • Rapid turnaround. With a send-out to placement ratio of 3:1, we remove the stress and accelerate the time it takes to successfully identify and thoroughly vet the strongest, most qualified candidates to grow your business. We understand you need rapid turnaround, so you can bring in net-new business now and start scaling faster.
  • Hiring expertise. You are a tech expert but not a tech sales expert. Limited knowledge about industry hiring best practices can make it difficult for you to attract and retain top sales talent. As expert sales recruiters, we help you determine what type of sales professional will mesh with your organization and bring the most success as well as advise on developing a competitive compensation package.
  • Sales network access. We have an extensive sales network serving the Boston-Cambridge innovation hub. We actively headhunt the industry’s most trusted professionals, so you can build a sales team with tech sales leaders from the ground up.
  • Confidential search. Whether you develop apps or advanced hardware products, you are in renewable energy or biotech, confidentiality is critical to your hiring strategy and organization’s well-being. Our tech sales headhunters always prioritize your privacy, recruiting with discretion as you need.

See Our Tech Sales Recruiting Capabilities in Action

We have refined our sales recruiting methodology over 35 years and built strong relationships with companies in tech, recruiting for sales professionals and executives Nardo Big Color Pods Mini Cup who achieve exceptional results. We are proud of placing candidates who have put companies on the map, opened and led U.S. sales teams for international organizations, overhauled entire sales departments, and consistently delivered revenue growth. For a closer look at our tech sales recruitment capabilities, read our case studies.

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