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Demand for online teaching and learning solutions is coming from every sector, both public and private, as the world rapidly changes. Whether you call it virtual, remote, or online learning, the e-Learning industry has seen exponential growth, offering robust and customized education opportunities for course work, completing degrees, and vocational and corporate training and upskilling. DANA Associates is meeting the demand as a recruiting agency for one of the fastest growing markets with a granular approach and a proven sales recruiting methodology to deliver high-performing revenue generators for game-changing results.

Whether it’s academia, government, healthcare, SMBSs or enterprise businesses, the reliance on cloud-based solutions to virtually connect people, deliver enhanced learning, and develop and assess job-specific skills is undeniable. While the e-Learning landscape has changed over the years, there continues to be a proliferation of rich and innovative online teaching and learning applications, LMS platforms, curated content, and services worldwide. Across the board, organizations and institutions are making significant investments in off-the-shelf, hybrid, and custom e-Learning tools and looking to reap the highest ROI from implementing their e-Learning solutions. Given the speed and revolution of the industry, to truly compete, e-Learning companies must find highly qualified sales professionals to accelerate growth. Now.

How Our Recruiting Agency Gets What You Need

e-Learning companies often grapple with identifying a candidate that possesses the right combination of strategic acumen and high-touch, relationship-building attributes. By definition the industry impacts personal development and professional advancement across the organization, so a sales professional who can successfully traverse the range of stakeholders involved in completing a sale is essential. We understand this. To ensure you hire the best sales candidates for your e-Learning positions, our recruiting agency has developed a rigorous screening process that includes multiple in-depth interviews to uncover skills and personality traits beyond a standard resume. We invest the time and energy to learn about you and your business, so when it’s time to interview you will only meet with the strongest candidates. Our success in matching companies with candidates that align with your culture and near- and long-term goals translates to you getting a top performer from the start.

Sales Recruiting Expertise You Can Rely On

Our e-Learning clients partner with us for good reason:

35 years of experience: We live and work in the Boston-Cambridge area and have been a part of the innovation hub, working closely with industry leaders and fast growth start-ups. Our exclusive focus on recruiting sales professionals, combined with our deep knowledge of the local job market, means we can advise you on attracting high-performing candidates and crafting competitive benefits packages.

Extensive sales network: We have built an extensive network of sales executives and professionals with outstanding track records for companies of all sizes. We actively headhunt for strategic hires and the industry’s most qualified and trusted candidates so you can achieve your business goals.

Industry expertise: We understand the unique challenges facing e-Learning companies in hiring salespeople and building out your team. As an expert sales recruiting agency, we can help you structure your search, determine what type of sales professional will match with your organization, and create an ideal candidate profile for your needs.

Fast turnaround: Our team selects and vets candidates carefully to minimize your time and resources required to fill sales positions. With an average send-out to placement ratio of 3:1, our proven recruiting methodology and in-depth interviews gets you focused on growing your business faster.

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