What Candidates Are Saying

Having worked with other recruiters gave me a credible reference point by which to truly gauge the difference provided by DANA Associates over other sales recruiters. The sheer time and effort Denise Grant put into working with me was far beyond my expectations. While other recruiters were merely attempting to place me into whatever job listings they had, Denise’s highly personalized and holistic approach was a stark contrast. Denise was concerned about finding the right opportunity for me. We sat together face-to-face on multiple occasions and had a whole host of long phone conversations. By the end, she had worked to get to know me and my desired career trajectory. What resulted was the right match between my career goals and my current employer. At DANA Associates, they get the equation right.

Dan Goitein
Director of Sales/Marketing

There are recruiters out there trying to fill jobs, and then there is Denise. I think her approach is MUCH more in depth. She spends a great deal of time with the client company—she gets to know the management team, she gets to know the vision, she gets to know the need. And then with a candidate, she is equally immersive. When I think about my experience and the people I have referred, it’s because there is a much more tailored process, which certainly results in longevity, solid placements and highly satisfied companies. DANA has a great network and always has interesting, compelling positions. Simply put, I have a high degree of trust in Denise. My experience with her was great–a great fit and a great opportunity.

Andy Ewart
Solutions Executive

When making a career change, there is no stronger partner than DANA Associates. Their expertise goes beyond recruiting. Candidates and prospective employers benefit from the attention to career analysis, counseling, and coaching. During my interviews, clients of DANA Associates praised the caliber of candidates presented by Denise and her staff. The trust and confidence hiring managers have in DANA Associates opened doors to great companies and terrific jobs, cutting my search time to weeks.

Tim Mathieu
Senior Account Manager
Enterprise Software

After 10 years in field sales, I was looking to change industries. Denise and her staff worked with me to identify my strengths and goals as a way of defining my “best fit” or “dream position”. Denise’s assessment of my skills and sales methods was excellent; I found that dream position and I could not be happier.

Andrew Willard
Sales Representative
Enterprise Software

DANA Associates is one of the very few recruiting firms more interested in the ‘person’ than the ‘placement’. Denise Grant required a number of meetings and conversations with me to better understand what I wanted to do, where my career could go, where I wanted to go, and the steps I needed to take to get there. She was especially interested in how I would fit in the culture of the company, not in the quick placement. Contrary to other firms that act like recruiting ‘sweat shops’, where you are a resume with their job openings, DANA Associates takes a unique, specialized, and individual approach to finding the right job, not the fastest job or quick commission. I would recommend any top performer in sales who is seeking a new opportunity to work with DANA Associates.

Stuart Kaplan
Global Account Manager

DANA Associates has a strong tradition of working with exceptional sales professionals in identifying and finding the next step in their careers. This organization carefully considers each person’s credentials and desires, and then matches them to appropriate opportunities in the marketplace. Under the leadership of Denise Grant, DANA Associates has become the specialty boutique for job-hunters looking to advance their careers in sales and sales management. Denise is a powerful business person who blends persistence on behalf of her candidates with an eye towards her clients’ discerning recruiting needs. Her success rate for both candidates and clients is exceptional.

Robert Fryer
Director of Program Management Key Accounts