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As a business leader, you know just how challenging it can be to find a qualified candidate who also aligns with your company’s culture. At DANA Associates, we offer solutions for clients and candidates searching for the perfect fit.

As a recruiting firm, your success is our success. We make an impact for every client, and we believe that a cohesive sales team can change the entire trajectory of a business. Our team has the same goal as your company—to keep business moving forward.

Whether you’re looking to build a team from scratch, add to an existing team, or fill a strategic leadership role, DANA Associates can help boost your revenue with lasting placements of high-performing team members. Learn more about the factors that drive our success below.

Our Passion for People

We focus on people before placement. Rather than seeing potential hires as resumes and numbers in a system, we see them for who they are as individuals. By conducting in-depth interviews in person, we gain genuine insight that allows us to find candidates with the skills and work ethic your company needs to succeed.

Our Sales Expertise

We know sales. Unlike most recruiting firms in Boston, we focus our unparalleled industry expertise exclusively on sales. We understand the specific challenges of finding qualified candidates to fill sales positions, and we have built an extensive network of high-performing candidates who are interested in building relationships.

As Boston’s best headhunters for sales jobs, we have a thorough understanding of the New England market, so we can recommend the strongest prospective employees—whether your company is based in the United States or internationally.

How We Work

We bring business-critical expertise to recruiting built on rigor, intelligence, and insight. DANA’s field-tested process ensures an open sales position is filled with a high-performing candidate that lasts. It starts with our dedication to deeply understanding your business dynamics, corporate vision, and unique culture.

We meet on your premises, pay careful attention to understanding personality traits and motivating factors important to you, and uncover the subtle differences unique to your team and environment. Moving beyond specific experience and skills required for the role, DANA’s comprehensive approach enables us to more richly articulate your hiring goals, effectively evaluate candidates, and only present to you highly vetted candidates for the job.

Start Hiring Top Talent Today

Finding the ideal candidate for your team takes time. Once we get to know you and your business, we can develop a plan to find an individual who meets your needs and fits your organization’s culture.

No matter where you are in the hiring process, we can help. Contact us today to get started.

Here are answers to a few questions you may have:

How quickly can you find me a top performer?

Many of our clients need immediate help – yesterday! While we understand this and will help, DANA Associates’ prides itself foremost on quality. We will never rush the process in a way that sacrifices our commitment to getting you results that last. Fortunately, our database of top sales talent and leadership has been built over decades and tens of thousands of interviews. We are constantly recruiting proactively in anticipation of our clients’ needs. This means we have immediate access to a wide range of top sales performers from a number of industries who will fit into a variety of different corporate cultures.

Our process is designed to focus your search and allow you to capture that lost revenue or put an effective sales leader in place to build and manage your team. The length of any search depends on many factors including industry experience, level of accomplishment, leadership profile, unique skill sets, and much more. In every case, we present only the highest quality candidates and ultimately reduce the time it takes to find your next hire.

How can you find me a stronger, more qualified candidate than I can find on my own?

One of the most common reasons companies turn to DANA Associates is that in-house recruiting efforts have not yielded viable candidates. Corporate recruiting efforts tend to rely heavily on job postings and referrals, and the individuals responding to those ads or inquiries are typically job seekers who are either unhappy or unemployed.

Particularly with sales roles, the most desirable candidates are those who are gainfully employed and currently successful. They are not actively searching for new roles. These highly sought-after professionals need to be proactively recruited based on various compelling reasons, including cultural fit, growth opportunities, financial rewards, relationships with management, leadership vision, values, and much more. We know who these people are, where they work, and what will inspire them to consider a move to your company.

Can you help us develop a compensation or metrics plan?

Absolutely! Since experience is the best teacher, we have learned a great deal. We work with C-level executives, sales leaders, and HR at clients ranging from start-up companies to global corporations. While we won’t share the details of any clients’ plans or models, we can use the knowledge gained from these partnerships to help others.

Frequently, clients will ask us to assess their models and determine if their compensation structure will attract the level of professional they seek. And occasionally, we are engaged to help develop comprehensive sales metrics and compensation plans for clients building a new team or entering a new market.

How do you handle a confidential search?

Our clients have a number of reasons to keep a search confidential. These include imminent termination, planned turnover, and not projecting an impression of excessive turnover by repeating job postings. We maintain your confidentiality using abstract descriptions and conceptual overviews to gauge a candidate’s interest without identifying your firm or giving them enough information to have them uncover your company name. Basically, we recruit for your confidential needs and only disclose the identity of your firm once we have “mutual interest” between you and the candidate and receive your permission to share the confidential details.

Our candidates are accustomed to this, as many are searching confidentially as well – especially our more senior sales professionals and managers who cannot afford to have their employers or competitors know they are conducting a job search. This works the same way – we do not disclose the identity of the candidate, nor their current employer until we have established mutual interest and received permission from our candidate to disclose their information.

What do you do differently than other recruiting firms?

Sometimes being different is not enough – you must achieve superior results. We do two things better than anyone else:

1. Assess candidates well beyond their skills, accomplishments and compensation history.

2. Explore our clients’ needs well beyond job descriptions, requirements and performance objectives.

Our clients tell us that they are amazed by our ability to identify candidates that perform exceptionally and fit their corporate cultures. How do we do this? We put people before placements.

Our President, Denise Grant realized early in her career that it is critical to understand and support both the corporate culture of clients and the specific personal and professional needs of candidates. Denise regularly visits client companies and spends time with senior management to determine the types of people whose personalities and professional experiences will succeed in those environments. Her systematic yet highly personalized approach to candidate assessment allows her to understand which environments and opportunities best suit a particular individual. Her process is unique, well documented, and includes multiple in-person interviews using in-depth behavior-based interviewing techniques. This approach has enabled us to build many successful teams and retain clients over many years.

Is DANA Associates a local service or international?
Over the years we have worked with clients on a local, national, and international level. We are frequently contacted by companies that are based overseas and are looking to expand their US business by starting in the New England area and building out from here. If you are an international organization looking to break into the US through this market, we would love to schedule an exploratory conversation. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our process and services. You can also hear from clients we've helped in the past.
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What People Are Saying

As a hiring manager in the tech-sales world, which is fast and furious right now and extremely competitive, time is absolutely critical. The sales hiring managers are on 24/7 and we need our recruiting partners to be on 24/7 as well. In my experience, DANA Associates has always taken that approach where they're always available, and if there's a candidate that we're trying to work through the process, we're going to get that process done.

Ned Leutz
Director of Enterprise Sales, ZoomInfo

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