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Our team of headhunters at DANA Associates is your local partner to ensure you recruit the best sales professionals in the Boston-Cambridge area. We know creating a local market presence can be daunting and inefficient, particularly if you do not have clear insight about how your company strategy and cultural norms can be translated effectively here. Deeply understanding the nuances and challenges involved in finding high-performing sales professionals who can successfully build a book of business in the U.S. distinguishes DANA from other recruiters.

From the start, we partner with you to explore your business and hiring goals. We crystallize your objectives, organizational needs, and the essence of your workplace culture to develop a roadmap for identifying the strongest prospective candidates to achieve your growth and expansion plans.

We approach recruiting with the same level of care and expertise we offer all our clients. If you are uncertain about what type of sales professional is best suited for the role, we can advise you on the ideal candidate profile. While placing special emphasis on the qualities and skills of those candidates who will drive success and thrive in your organization, we will actively headhunt the best sales professionals to present to you.

Our in-depth process includes conducting multiple face-to-face interviews to delve into uncovering each salesperson’s true strengths. Our reference checks are thorough and comprehensive, extracting the most value from our conversations in order to bring you a curated list of candidates you can interview and hire with confidence.

What DANA Brings to International Business

When you choose us as your global sales search firm, you benefit from our:

  • Local expertise. Our knowledge about the Boston-Cambridge job market is extensive, having lived and worked here for many decades. We have built a substantial and loyal network of sales professionals throughout the Northeast and the U.S., enabling us to recruit the most qualified and accomplished sales professionals.
  • 35 years of experience. With more than 35 years of sales recruiting experience, we are trusted advisors to international companies, enabling them to develop the most competitive benefits packages and attract the best candidates.
  • Efficient search. Our team reduces your time investment by thoroughly vetting and curating candidates prior to presenting them to you. With a send-out to placement ratio of 3:1, we streamline search and hiring.
  • Permanent placements. The sales professionals we place typically remain at their companies over the long term, lowering turnover and recruiting costs and delivering more stability and better business results.
  • Sales industry focus. Unlike other agencies, our recruitment team specializes in sales headhunting. This allows us to locate hard-to-find talent and successfully fill executive-level sales roles.
  • Cross-cultural expertise. Our boutique, global sales search firm understands the cross-cultural complexities of recruiting for international companies, having immense success with organizations across Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

To ensure you meet sales team members who exceed your company’s expectations, we are transparent and communicate effectively throughout the recruiting process.

Let Us Help You Build a Successful Sales Team

We understand what it takes to establish a presence in the U.S. when you are headquartered in another country. Whether you are recruiting from EMEA, APAC, Latin America, or Canada, our consultative and individualized service means you get laser focus, deep insights, and intelligent expertise to build and grow your sales team locally. DANA’s success in curating highly qualified people for international companies reflects our empathy and ability to understand the nuances of communication and the significant role it plays in effectively integrating employees.

Our team of dedicated sales recruiters provides the personalized attention international companies need to hire local sales professionals. To learn more about our Boston-Cambridge area sales recruiting process, schedule an introductory call today.

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What People Are Saying

Denise was a very different type of headhunter or a consultant. She has a unique sense of finding out what's beneath the surface. If you have never met Denise, you should. She has a substantially great reputation in the marketplace. Now, I am on the other side of the table and DANA Associates will be a great opportunity for our company to search for the candidate who could follow in my footsteps.

Hector Maza
VP Global Business Development, Giner

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