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Creating a local market presence can be daunting and inefficient without understanding how company strategy and cultural norms translate locally. From the start, we crystallize your objectives, organizational needs and the essence of your workplace culture to develop a roadmap for identifying the strongest prospective employees for success. DANA understands the cross-cultural differences inherent in recruiting the right sales professionals to represent global companies.

What this Means for You

We have a deep understanding about what it takes to build a company or subsidiary in New England with headquarters in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Our consultative and individualized service means you get laser focus, deep insights, and intelligent expertise to build and grow your sales team locally. DANA’s success in curating highly qualified candidates for international companies reflects our empathy and ability to understand the nuances of communication and the significant role it plays in effectively integrating employees.

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What People Are Saying

Denise was a very different type of headhunter or a consultant. She has a unique sense of finding out what's beneath the surface. If you have never met Denise, you should. She has a substantially great reputation in the marketplace. Now, I am on the other side of the table and DANA Associates will be a great opportunity for our company to search for the candidate who could follow in my footsteps.

Hector Maza
VP Global Business Development, Giner

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