Finding the Right Market Research Sales Candidates

Analytical, consultative, and with a deep understanding of how to help C-suite executives and their teams grow their business, our best candidates have delivered outstanding results for some of the biggest names in the market research category. DANA’s precision recruitment methodology and extensive Boston-Cambridge network mean we only present you with the best individuals for your high-level sales positions.

In the market research industry, sales professionals must understand how to effectively communicate both the tangible and intangible value of your solution to prospective clients. They specialize in bringing nuance and practicality to selling products and services that solve critical business problems to help companies innovate and grow.

Professionals who succeed in market research have strong business acumen, enabling them to effectively close deals—power selling to customers without a defined buying process or budget in place. They are adept at clearly demonstrating the impact of market insights and research solutions on a company’s business, marketing, and technology strategy. They know the answers lie in the data.

You need to find sales professionals with the skills to champion market research, but you also need candidates who mesh with your company’s culture, mission, and vision. Recruiting the right personality fit brings immense cross-functional value to your organization, building trust and consensus that can only lead to achieving outstanding business results.

Our Proven Sales Recruitment Methodology

To ensure that you get the best sales talent for your needs, our team at DANA Associates invests time getting to know you and your company before reaching out to potential candidates. Once we have a firm grasp on your company’s goals and expectations, we actively headhunt for the ideal sales professionals and rigorously assess each candidate. By conducting multiple face-to-face interviews to delve into qualifications well-beyond a standard resume, we uncover each salesperson’s true strengths. Our reference checks are thorough and comprehensive, extracting the most value from our conversations in order to present you with a short list of candidates you can hire with confidence.

We have refined our recruitment process over more than 35 years, and we only recommend candidates we believe are right for your company.

Building the Sales Team You Need

Our sales headhunters will focus on finding you talent capable of bringing in net-new business, upselling existing customers, and growing your company’s revenue. When you decide to work with our sales executive search firm, you benefit from our:

  • Large network. We have built an extensive network of sales professionals in Boston and throughout the Northeast, enabling us to actively recruit and recommend only the most qualified individuals in the industry.
  • Sales focus. We focus all our energy on recruiting high-performing sales professionals. Our deep experience has earned us the title of trusted advisor, guiding clients on hiring best practices and crafting competitive compensation packages to attract and retain exceptional candidates.
  • Local expertise. We deeply understand the market research industry in the Boston-Cambridge area, allowing us to efficiently recruit local candidates regardless of where you are headquartered.
  • Permanent placements. We consistently place loyal sales professionals and executives who stay in their roles long term. By definition, lowering hiring expenditures means stemming employee turnover and delivering better business results.

Our send-out to placement ratio is 3:1, so you can trust us to quickly connect you with outstanding sales talent.

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