Staying Ahead of the Curve in the Medical Device Industry

We know you are moving fast. It’s a constant race to bring new solutions to healthcare clients and the patients they serve. To outpace the competition, you must have a sales team who maintains a deep knowledge of the medical and technical advances being made while successfully putting your company’s innovations and instruments on a medical professional’s most-wanted list.

Performance is a key metric for the products you manufacture and distribute, much as it is for your sales professionals in the field acquiring new customers and closing business. Unfortunately, companies often struggle to find the right sales expertise they need to grow revenue by relying on common recruitment strategies.

Success Starts With a Specialized Salesforce

Salespeople who succeed at medical device sales typically have an educational background in life sciences or have clinical or related medical experience. They are extremely comfortable calling on hospital decision-makers, any type of doctor–from specialty surgeons to primary care physicians (PCPs)–and urgent care or trauma centers and labs. Their skills and talent lie in understanding how to connect the value of their products or solutions with the needs at hand. Your salesforce are specialists in your field.

We are too. We focus exclusively on recruiting Boston-area sales professionals and understand the unique challenges medical device companies face in identifying and hiring highly-qualified sales professionals. Whether you are looking to make an executive-level hire or build out a sales team, we specialize in helping Boston-area companies recruit the right sales talent to grow their bottom lines.

Building the Sales Team You Need

Leveraging DANA’s precision recruitment methodology and extensive Boston-Cambridge network, we only present you with the best sales leaders to achieve your business goals.

To ensure that you get the best sales talent for your needs, our Boston sales and executive search consultants invest time and energy getting to know you and your needs. The recruitment process starts by defining your company’s business and hiring requirements–your goals, product pipeline, and the type of individuals you need to maximize revenue growth. With a comprehensive candidate profile in hand, we actively headhunt within the medical device industry for the ideal sales professionals, leveraging our extensive network. We conduct multiple face-to-face interviews to delve into qualifications beyond a standard resume and uncover each salesperson’s true strengths. Our reference checks are thorough and comprehensive, extracting the most value from our conversations in order to present you with a short list of outstanding candidates you can hire with confidence.

When you choose to work with our boutique sales search firm, you will benefit from our:

  • 35 years of experience. We focus all our energy on recruiting high-performing sales professionals. Our extensive knowledge and expertise also means we can advise you on crafting competitive compensation packages to attract and retain exceptional candidates.
  • Local knowledge. We deeply understand the Boston-Cambridge job market, allowing us to efficiently recruit local candidates and connect you with the region’s most respected sales professionals.
  • Holistic candidate Our methodology is a rigorous and holistic evaluation process, enabling us to delve into skills and qualifications not readily apparent on resumes.
  • Loyal placements. We consistently place sales executives and professionals who become tenured employees, improving long-term stability and profitability.

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As Boston’s top sales recruitment agency, we serve both large and small medical device companies searching for hard-to-find sales talent. With a 3:1 send-out to placement ratio, we can save you time, effort, and money expanding your sales team.
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