We Share the Same Goal

We share a common goal: to grow your revenue and move your business forward. We help you achieve this objective with our Boston-Cambridge sales recruiting services. From the start, we crystallize your objectives, organizational needs, and the essence of your workplace culture to develop a roadmap for identifying the strongest prospective employees for the job. As a leading US sales recruiter, we have the experience and expertise to identify and evaluate the best candidates.

Whether you need to fill a challenging leadership role or find an accomplished individual to expand your sales team, our comprehensive process aligns your goals, culture, and values to carefully vetted candidates. We leverage a combination of time-tested research strategies and our extensive network of industry contacts, built over years of successful placements. This approach enables us to identify a range of highly qualified candidates who will drive results for your company.

We then implement our vetting methodology to narrow the field and deliver the best of the best to your company. Every candidate is evaluated holistically using our company-designed methodology, which includes initial phone screens and multiple face-to-face interviews. By establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with your organization, we supply qualified candidates who will generate business and are a true cultural fit.

Put Our Industry Experience to Work

We have more than 35 years of experience as a US sales recruiter for companies in the Boston-Cambridge area. Our primary expertise lies in SaaS, on-prem software, technology, and market research. We also have extensive experience in the publishing, EdTech, medical device, and business services industries. We offer a specialization in these industries that other sales headhunters in Massachusetts cannot replicate.

Regardless of your industry, we develop and implement a customized sales recruiting plan based on your organization’s unique hiring requirements. First, we work with you to craft the ideal candidate profile for your position, including relevant performance, skill, and cultural factors. We are then ready to move forward with the evaluation process.

Hire Top Sales Performers with Our Unique Strategy

The focus of our candidate evaluation methodology is on people before placement. The foundation for this unique strategy is our passion for people. We look beyond the resume, sales statistics, and other performance metrics to learn more about the person behind the sales professional.

We conduct multiple in-depth face-to-face interviews to gain valuable insight into the candidate’s character, motivations, and work ethic. This process allows us to build a more well-rounded profile of the individual. We apply what we learn to your profile of the ideal sales candidate to determine where there is alignment, and where there is not.

We are grateful that our clients routinely tell us we go above and beyond to deliver the strongest candidates. On average, our send-out to placement ratio is 3:1. Our consultative and individualized service means you get laser focus, deep insights, and intelligent expertise to efficiently build and grow your sales team and increase the likelihood of a successful long-term hire.

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What People Are Saying

We’ve used a number of recruiters in the past, but in this particular case I couldn’t afford a mistake. I had to have a process that was tight, and one that required the recruiter to know our business. Not from the standpoint of what we did, but also how we did it, what our culture was. For anyone who has not worked with a recruiter before, I would describe DANA Associates as a personalized service with a lot of attention at a senior level.

Ed Marino
CEO, codeMantra

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