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For over 30 years, DANA Associates has identified and placed high-performing VP of Sales for fast-growth start-ups and mid-sized companies to ensure they can meet and exceed revenue goals.

The critical nature of the role means it is imperative organizations have the right person to lead and manage the sales team, work with a range of stakeholders, be highly strategic, and close deals.

Reporting to the founder, CEO, or CRO, the responsibilities for a VP of Sales may vary depending on the size and stage of a company, and typically include:

  • setting the sales organization’s vision and strategy
  • developing the sales playbook
  • determining revenue targets
  • hiring, training, mentoring, and leading the team
  • direct selling
  • fostering a winning culture, and more

The VP of Sales is often the face of the company working alongside the CEO. The best VPs of Sales have outstanding interpersonal skills, are excellent public speakers, and are highly skilled networkers.

Evaluating VP of Sales Leaders

Sustained sales success as both an individual contributor and a manager are key factors for high performers. A proven track record is non-negotiable. Equally important, are crucial soft skills and personality traits that ensure achieving ongoing success. The DANA team diligently uncovers and thoroughly evaluates candidates during our rigorous interview process and identifies characteristics that others may have missed.

  • Leadership – The strongest leaders are marked by integrity and have a long-term vision for the business and their team. They push the boundaries on the status quo and build strong teams to ensure company growth. Do they believe, look, act, and sound the part? Are they consistent in their behavior and disciplined in their process? Can they inspire and get the desired outcome even when their strategies are unpopular? Are they wholly accountable? Does their team innately want to follow them?
  • People Management –Exceptional communication skills and a dedicated goal of developing the team are hallmarks for highly successful VPs. Do they value listening? Are they authentic? What is their coaching style and how do they nurture the team to maintain success? How do they handle underperforming reps? How do they play to individual strengths and identify vulnerabilities? What does guidance and support really look like?
  • Strategic Thinking – Can they see the forest for the trees? Are they able to think through challenges and issues in innovative ways? Can they flex and respond to the big issues? Are they able to formulate a realistic plan to achieve goals? Are they resourceful? Is decision-making from the top down, bottom up, or a combination of the two?
  • Charisma – Likeability plays an important role for a successful VP of Sales. Are they able to get customers and direct reports to rally around a common goal or desired outcome? Will people really want to work for them? Are they able to retain top talent?
  • Adaptability – Do they have a one-size fits all approach or do they embrace a variety of selling styles to yield better results? Can they adapt their coaching style to respond to varied and individual needs of reps?
  • Developing Strong Relationships – Is this candidate respected by direct reports, colleagues, and customers? How do they build rapport? Are they able to effectively give and receive feedback without compromising morale?
  • Self-Awareness – One of the most important capabilities for leaders to develop is self-awareness. Exceptional VPs of Sales put in the work to recognize their own strengths, weaknesses, and hidden biases. Does the candidate understand the impact of their words and actions? Do they really hear and see themselves? Are they eager to learn and evolve?
  • Empathy – Crucial to effective sales leaders is the ability to empathize with each direct report. Understanding where they are, where they need to go, and how to get them there is paramount to building strong and trusting relationships. How do they demonstrate empathy? What do team members really think of them?

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As the top sales Setting the vision and strategy for your sales organization is critical. We understand the goal is to hire the right person to catapult your business forward. Our rigorous evaluation process over multiple, in-depth interviews uncovers unique traits and critical skills for the best fit. We are proud of our track record placing top VPs of Sales and look forward to helping you find the outstanding leader you need to succeed. To learn more about DANA, read our case studies or please schedule a call. We look forward to talking with you.

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