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With the seismic shift to remote learning, the demand for EdTech sales professionals has soared as organizations increasingly compete and meet the challenges of rapidly scaling. We have an outstanding track record for recruiting hard-to-find sales professionals for fast-growth EdTech companies. Our precision methodology and thorough reference checking means we only present you with the best candidates to accelerate your business goals.

Education technology companies embody the needs of multiple stakeholders–students, educators, administrators, and the institutions they work for–in their product and service development. Your sales team must have an excellent working knowledge of an educator’s experience, how your solution benefits them, and how to conquer the multi-layered buying process. The real sales winners in EdTech are those who successfully navigate the complicated, often political, regional or local landscape, the numerous decision-makers, the varied budget and funding windows, and the long sales cycles, often 6 months or more.

EdTech organizations frequently struggle to find top-performing candidates who know how to build a book of business in the complex education market. Here’s where we excel. Our expert recruiters identify and rigorously evaluate sales candidates who thrive in the education space.

We always begin our partnership with you by delving into your business and hiring goals. Once we understand more about your culture and help define the type of sales professional you need, we actively recruit for the highest quality sales candidates. Following our rigorous assessment in face-to-face interviews with prospective hires, we provide you with a list of curated candidates who have the experience, skills, passion, and personality to succeed at your company.

How Does DANA Recruit the Right Candidates?

We work and live in the Boston-Cambridge area, an incredible innovation and education hub for industry leaders and fast-growth startups. Leveraging our large network of sales professionals across the Northeast, we are well equipped to actively headhunt for strategic hires, connecting companies of all sizes with the right professionals to sell online learning solutions.

EdTech companies choose to partner with us because of our:

  • 35 years of experience: We focus exclusively on sales recruiting. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the local job market enable us to advise you on attracting high-performing employees and crafting competitive benefits packages.
  • Industry expertise: We know the unique challenges EdTech organizations face in hiring salespeople. If you are not sure how to structure your search, we will use our industry knowledge to help you create an ideal candidate profile.
  • Fast turnaround: We have an average send-out to placement ratio of 3:1. Our team will select and pre-vet candidates carefully to minimize the time and resources required to fill sales positions.
  • Lasting placements: Our candidates tend to stay in their jobs for the long term. Reduced employee turnover means more time for growth, lower recruiting costs, and a more stable team dynamic.

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Our team of sales recruiting experts will work hard to find the talent you need to gain a competitive edge in the increasingly crowded EdTech market. To schedule an introductory call, contact us today.

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