Keeping Pace with the Competitive Software Sales Market

The software industry has exploded. And it’s not stopping. Companies are constantly bombarded with the next best technology, creating a lot of confusion about the differences between on-premise, SaaS, and subscription software services. What are the differences? What are the capital investment requirements? The integration issues? How will it impact operations? These questions only scratch the surface of the many you likely deal with on a regular basis.

To out-pace the competition, your software company needs exceptional sales professionals to communicate the value of your offering to prospective customers, close new business, and drive revenue growth. Sales professionals who succeed in selling on-premise software must possess a depth and breadth of industry and technical knowledge about the various software models, understand legacy system integration, security, and customization while having the patience and perseverance to build relationships over a long sales cycle.

Our Boston sales recruiters at DANA identify the top sales talent with highly sought-after qualities such as:

  • Discipline, focus, and perseverance
  • Superior relationship building
  • Robust technical knowledge
  • Deep software experience
  • Consistent closer of complex deals

You need to find sales professionals with the skills to champion your on-prem software solution, but you also need candidates who mesh with your company’s culture, mission, and vision. The best software sales professionals are already employed in the industry, which is why we aggressively headhunt top performers. Our expansive network of sales contacts in the Boston-Cambridge area allows us to recruit individuals who may not be actively searching for jobs, bringing the competition’s greatest assets to work for you instead.

Results-Driven Sales Recruitment

With an outstanding track record of finding and evaluating the strongest sales candidates, our Boston recruiters have the expertise to identify the best high-level candidates to lead your sales efforts and grow revenue.

To ensure you hire sales executives and professionals who exceed your expectations, our software sales headhunters delve into learning about your company’s business and hiring goals and develop a precise candidate profile. Once we define the ideal candidate, we actively pursue curating a short list of the best candidates to meet your needs. At DANA, we have developed a rigorous assessment methodology that includes multiple in-person interviews in order to deliver consistent results. Our 3:1 send-out to placement ratio speaks to our success and our clients’ satisfaction.

Some of the benefits of working with our software sales recruiters include our:

  • Industry experience. We have 35 years of experience recruiting sales talent in the Boston area. We recruit for companies solely developing on-premise software as well as those transitioning to hybrid SaaS models. We deeply understand the marketplace and the challenges of establishing and expanding your sales team. We frequently get called upon to advise on competitive compensation packages.
  • Local expertise. Our knowledge about the Boston-Cambridge job market is extensive. We have built a substantial and loyal network of sales professionals throughout the Northeast, enabling us to recruit the most qualified and accomplished sales professionals in Boston for local and internationally headquartered companies.
  • Face-to-face interviews. We believe people should come first in the hiring process. In our in-person interviews with candidates, we dig deep into their background and expand on personality traits to identify the best fit for your company.
  • Permanent placements. We consistently place sales executives and professionals who become tenured employees, reducing recruiting expenditures and improving long-term stability and profitability.

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