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As the leading sales recruiters in the Boston-Cambridge area, we focus on finding top sales leaders and sales professionals for SaaS, on-prem software, technology, research, and services organizations. We specialize in opportunities that require a consultative sales approach, where building strong and meaningful business relationships are essential, no matter the product or solution. We consistently fill roles that demand experience in selling to the C-suite and director level to generate net new business.

Over more than 35 years, we have built a successful track record in recruiting for the following sales executive functions:

Our experience and expertise as sales executive headhunters enable us to identify and fulfill targeted needs based on the organization’s goals and unique hiring requirements. We identify gaps in your sales team that you may not even know exist. You might come to us thinking you need to fill one role, but we often uncover needs that require recruiting for a different job function.

Build Leadership to Scale

Organizations, large and small, are looking for the best blend of the right stuff—true leaders who know how to make a difference in building and scaling business. You need leaders who will establish the appropriate path for success and who are adept at building a business and scaling it to accommodate growth. As sales executive recruiters, we understand the precise role your company needs to fill based on your current growth stage and short-term and long-term goals.

We have an exceptional track record in identifying and evaluating strong, inspiring leaders who build highly effective, revenue-generating teams. We can distinguish between individual contributors and authentic team leaders who believe in the benefits of collaboration and empowerment and understand how to accomplish company goals. These agile leaders design systems and processes and incorporate sales methodology with must-have tools to grow company revenue.

Our holistic and immersive approach enables us to identify the personal characteristics and unique qualities of collaborative, empowering team leaders—traits that are essential for leading your organization as it scales.

Experience The DANA Difference

We are different from other sales management recruiters in Boston and Cambridge. Unlike other headhunters that focus on resumes and statistics, we have a passion for people and what they bring to the executive function. Our time-tested people before placement strategy enables us to see candidates as individuals and determine whether they are an appropriate fit from a functional and cultural perspective.

We take the time to conduct multiple rounds of in-depth interviews with each candidate. This meticulous process allows us to gain valuable insight into whether they have the skills, attitude, and intangibles that your position requires. It also sheds light on what drives the individual to succeed, which can serve as a valuable motivational tool. We present you with highly vetted candidates who meet your hiring needs and fit your culture.

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