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Creating and sustaining healthy revenue growth is the hallmark of every successful business. But, hiring a highly talented and loyal sales team can be challenging. Save valuable time and minimize future hiring expenses by partnering with a recruiting firm that specializes in sales.

If you currently rely on job boards to find your next sales executive, you may miss out on some of the best candidates in the Boston market. Why? Because they don’t have time to look at job boards—they are busy pursuing leads and generating revenue. But, they keep in touch with us because we don’t just place people, we build lasting relationships and stay close to our clients and candidates throughout their careers.

As the top executive sales recruiters in the Boston-Cambridge area, DANA Associates has over 35 years of experience finding high-performance salespeople for high-growth software, SaaS and tech companies.

We have a large network of talented sales professionals who just might be open to an exciting new career opportunity even though they aren’t actively searching for a new role. Unlike most sales recruiters and sales headhunters, we build strong relationships and make placements that last on both sides of the hiring equation.

Build a High-Performing Sales Team

You need a powerful sales team that can hit your company’s revenue targets by both expanding your client base and increasing revenue from existing customers. DANA can help you understand which types of salespeople your company needs to generate revenue. Once we develop a target candidate persona, we can guide you toward high-performing sales professionals who match your needs.

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Ready to connect with candidates who will increase revenue for your company? As the leading sales recruitment firm in the Boston area, we are ready to help identify and evaluate the strongest prospective employees for your company. Schedule an introductory call to start the process.

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