Executive Recruiters for BDRs

Business Development Representatives (BDRs) or Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are the frontline of any sales team and most likely the first point of contact for most prospects. These lead generators are tasked with prospecting and feeding their company’s sales pipeline with potential clients that Account Executives nurture and close. 

Typically, a BDR is an entry-level position where future Reps hone their selling skills by engaging with potential customers in a variety of communication channels—phone, video calls, email, chat, and social media—to meet their prescribed quotas. As part of an organization’s sales and marketing strategy, a BDR works on some combination of cold outreach and warm inbound leads to get customers.

Depending on the size and stage of the company, Business Development Representatives typically report to the Team Lead, BDR Manager, or Account Executive. Their responsibilities may include: 

  • cold outreach: generating and qualifying leads from research or supplied lists
  • warm outreach: responding to inquiries or opt-ins generated from marketing campaigns
  • comprehensive research of target customers
  • deep knowledge of their company’s product or service
  • understanding and uncovering customer issues that their company’s product solves
  • working with AE’s and internal teams to improve lead generation
  • tracking individual performance metrics 
  • achieving and exceeding individual quotas

From SMB’s to enterprise organizations, the most successful BDRs, by all accounts, are hungry, tenacious, resourceful, and resilient. They are highly motivated by scheduling meetings, outpacing their individual quotas, and creating revenue driving opportunities for reps.

Evaluating Business Development Representatives

Identifying the best candidates for BDR roles leans heavily on deeply understanding their character, personality, and values. As this is an entry-level sales position, a history of successful prospecting may not be a primary criterion. However, their demeanor, drive, and work ethic are leading indicators for achieving on the job. The DANA team diligently uncovers and evaluates for crucial character and personality traits during rigorous candidate interviews.

  • Grit and Resilience – Exceptional BDRs possess the necessary grit and resilience to succeed. They are not only passionate but have the perseverance to meet their goals and stay in the game over the long-term, despite bumps in the road. How do they handle rejection? Can they recover quickly and move on? Are they resourceful and utilize a variety of strategies to stay motivated to uncover new opportunities?
  • Competitiveness –Supercharged Business Development Representatives are inherently competitive and motivated to achieve personal success. Can that coexist with being a team player? Absolutely. No different in sports. Do they have a genuine desire to win? How hungry are they? Where have they demonstrated going above and beyond to accomplish goals? How do they view their team members?
  • Communication – As often the first person a prospective customer interacts with, the BDR reflects a company’s brand. They need to be articulate and confident, and patient and engaging. Can they best represent the business, product/solution, and its benefits? How do they express themselves? Can they modify both their message and tone when speaking to a variety of gatekeepers and decision-makers? Do they know how and when to probe and actively listen? 
  • Building Warm Relationships – The right candidate understands how to build rapport with prospective clients. They know how to actively listen and create an open dialogue. Are they personable and empathetic? Do they make a connection? Can they encourage deeper engagement and identify needs and pain points? Can they earn a prospect’s trust?
  • Adaptability – Outstanding BDRs are eager to learn. That’s what drives much of their success. New systems, products, technologies, messaging, tactics. As fast-growth companies evolve at lightning speed, so do the best BDRs. How do they create or handle change? Do they learn quickly and put what they have learned into practice? Are they flexible and proactive? How do they manage both positive and negative change? 

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