Having been retained by a local start-up for a confidential search, the team at DANA was tasked with finding a SaaS net new hunter. The client needed someone with drive and solid experience to open doors, win new logos, and grow revenue for this innovative company. The hiring manager, a seasoned executive and CEO, had earned his stripes at enterprise companies and was fully aware of the challenges in finding and hiring the right candidate to fit the organization’s culture. We got to work, tapping our extensive network and cold calling likely prospects. Success! We connected with a promising individual. Pressed for time, he repeatedly demanded to know the name of the client company, and wasn’t interested in the benefits of our comprehensive interview process.

Role: Senior Account Executive, SaaS


We provided a company overview, but not the name. We emphasized that DANA had ample insight and information from multiple conversations with the leadership team, and we needed to take the same approach with candidates. Meeting face-to-face was essential. He finally agreed to come in for his first interview. Over several meetings, we delved into his experience and helped decipher what was most important for his next role, both personally and professionally.
“I wasn’t looking for a new job at the time. DANA Associates reached out to me. I came in and sat down and went through their process. It was actually a very unique process from what I’d been through before. Denise put forward a great opportunity to make a real positive change and was able to find a great fit. I really wanted to take the next step in my career, to build something and grow. I felt that this was the right time to do so, and I couldn’t have done that without DANA.”
Once we determined this candidate was highly qualified for the role, of course, we revealed the name of the company. Then, through our guidance, interview process, feedback, and follow-up, the candidate realized this opportunity was exactly what he was looking for and a natural progression for his career.

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