He was a Director of Strategic Partnerships with solid management experience working in a role that required him to travel nationally every week. With a growing young family, he reached a point of no return. His work-life imbalance was unsustainable. After speaking with his manager, he learned that he could reduce his travel schedule by switching to a different position, but it wouldn’t be at the same level as his current role. Realizing it was time to make a move and contemplating what that would be, the candidate connected with DANA. The goal? Become a SaaS sales leader. The reality? No experience selling software.

Role: Director of Strategic Sales, SaaS


We met several times and recognized that while this candidate lacked direct SaaS experience, he excelled at enterprise solution selling and possessed other key qualities to become successful at selling SaaS at a senior level. DANA had an open opportunity with a new client, but they required an extensive SaaS background. We contacted the client and highly recommended they meet this candidate, discussing the tangible and intangible requirements that would allow him to excel in the role. Overall, the candidate was very skilled at big picture thinking and process and understood how to effectively build relationships with, and close, C-level executives. The client moved through interviewing several candidates with extensive industry experience, but in the end, this candidate was chosen over the others. The candidate credits DANA’s holistic approach to developing a complete candidate picture as the key influence in getting his foot in the door with this new client.

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