Our client was moving swiftly and needed an outside sales territory manager, yesterday. We targeted a candidate with a specific skill set and background that we believed would make a good fit. While it was important to keep the ball rolling and respond quickly to our client, we could not betray the benefits of our in-depth process. We needed to meet this candidate. He was open to discussion and we set up an initial meeting. With the candidate in a new mindset, realizing there was no real room for advancement in his current situation and that his wife would soon start as a full-time student, it was a great time to discuss opportunities. Simply put, he needed to make more money, but he wanted to make the right career move.

Role: Regional Sales Manager, SaaS


To ensure DANA had adequate face-to-face time following the initial meeting, the recruiter and candidate met outside the office to uncover important factors about what a new opportunity, new manager, and new solution would mean. DANA determined the candidate would be a strong fit with our client and scheduled a meeting with the hiring manager. The candidate and hiring manager were attending the same conference out of state, so DANA put them together in order to close the deal. Managing the process from afar, our recruiter was able to orchestrate an in-person interview that left both individuals very excited about the potential of working together. Subsequently, the candidate received the highest possible offer from the client and began working at the company just a few weeks later.

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