An emerging company developed software originally sold to the publishing industry. Since perfecting its SaaS content management solution, the firm’s goal was to expand its offering, opening new lines of business across verticals, including financial services and healthcare. The CEO was looking for help. He had worked with many recruiters over his career, yet needed a trusted advisor who could define the role, identify the right candidate and understand the critical value of cultural fit. He investigated various resources, approached DANA, and then, we shifted into high gear. DANA needed to identify an experienced SaaS closer to drive net new business and report to the CEO.

Industry: SaaS start-up

Decision Maker: CEO


When the CEO first engaged with DANA, he was unclear about the exact specifications and level needed to fill the desired sales role. Following several in-depth conversations and meetings at the organization, we collaborated with our client to develop a comprehensive job profile for a VP of Sales to run the SaaS division. DANA identified and presented three qualified candidates for the senior role.

Through ongoing consultation with DANA, the client concluded that a true hunter at a Senior Account Executive level would better fit his company’s needs at the time. DANA helped articulate the profile for the ideal SaaS hunter, as well as developed a competitive compensation plan necessary to attract and maintain a long-standing hire.

We pivoted our original approach to the search, engaged in active recruiting from our network and direct outreach, and presented a new round of three individual contributors. Through our recruiting efforts, extensive process, and a true partnership with our client, we were able to pivot and place a Senior AE in a total of 60 days from engagement. And, the client continues to be delighted with the employee’s performance.

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